Lilian Spoelstra
lives and works in The Hague


1975-1976 Free academy of fine arts
1976-1981 Graphic & typographic design | Royal academy of fine arts
1982-1983 Free academy of fine arts | Fashion design by Cargelli
1983-1988 School for tailoress and fashion by Marjan Giebels
1989 Milliner (making hats) | Academy de Couture Rotterdam
1998 Course making Angisa’s
Surinam house for women Prefoeroe | Rotterdam


Clothes & Hats

1989-1998 Tailormade clothes for private customers
1989-1991 Appel theatre | Ro-theatre Rotterdam | Theatre PLOK
1992-present Courses making clothes and hats in own studio
1993 Costumes for Theatre & Organizationbureau Creaplan
1991+1996 Tailoress for fashionshows by Gérard Brussé
1994 Hatshow ‘A day at the races‘ Art&Casey in Rotterdam
1995 Hatshow ‘For you Majesty‘ Art&Casey in Rotterdam
1996 Hatshow ‘With hat and hair‘ HAT Saloon in Tilburg
Costumes danceshow by Mamarisa
1997 Groupexhibition and show ‘Boven Maaiveld
in Museum De Commanderie together with
– and at the initiative of – hatshop Capello in Nijmegen.
Hatexhibition at the Art galery Kunstenhoek
Several costumes for the movie ‘Temmink‘ – like trousers
for the cagefights and dress for actrice Wil van Kralingen
2000 Hatshow ‘Hollywoodhat‘ in Haags Gemeentemuseum
2001 Hat for guest at wedding prince Constantijn and Laurentine
Hatshow in Oranjewoud | Heerenveen
2002 Hatshow ‘Spain‘ in Haags Gemeentemuseum
African festival in Delft | 5 hats & dresses for the presenter
2005 Chapeau‘ Artcentre Zaanstad | Zaandam
2007 Hatshow on the occasion of the 600 year existence of Goes
Hatshow and -exhibition in African museum | Berg en Dal